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           China Commercial Law Firm Longgang Branch, located at 12th floor, Rongchao Yinglong Building, Longgang District Centre, Shenzhen, heart of Longgang business sector, better equipped and gathering the legal elites from all over Shenzhen and Longgang, is a large-scaled law firm with standardization and profession. With "diligence, innovation, justice and trust" deep in our soul, we are dedicated to deliver world-class legal service for governments, institutes as well as enterprises.


           To achieve the ultimate goal of profession, Longgang Branch will deliver professional, collaborative and linked administrative legal service charged by partner lawyers with expertise and closely associated with each branch. Longgang Branch has built a comprehensive legal service system with government legal counsel, social public legal service, corporation security, intellectual and bank & capital legal service as core brand, and with commercial law, dispute resolution as foundation service.


           Founded in December of 1993,China Commercial Law Firm is one of the first approved partnership law firms in China. For over two decades, China Commercial Law Firm has been continuingly growing, achieved a series of accomplishments, and became one of the biggest comprehensive law firms in China, and has set up multiple branches and offices in domestic and overseas. China Commercial Law Firm is one of the "National Outstanding Law Firm" and the only law firm in Shenzhen with the prize of "Shenzhen Top Brand". China Commercial Law Firm is not only one of the top 15 national securities law firms assessed by China Securities Regulatory Commission and National Bar Association, but also one of the annual Asia-Pacific Top 500 law firms awarded by "Asia Pacific Legal 500".


           Looking into the future, Longgang Branch is yearning to grow with its clients and fulfilling the great dream at this great time. Highly observing the sprite of self-dedication and social responsibility, Longgang Branch has been endeavored to innovate legal products and deliver professional and efficient legal service.